How my journey began

Just saying


So you already know a little bit about my ‘new beginings’ but if you are interested here is a little bit more meat on the bones in ‘Dotty’s’ words

August 2017

It was sort of an ordinary day to begin with, but it was the first day of the next few weeks / months that I’d never forget. The thing was I’d been having some tummy pains and I’d put a bit of weight on. I’d re-joined ‘Slimming World’ but instead of losing weight I was putting it on, never initially giving it any thought as I’d also recently had a new coil fitted and thought it was that, but then looking like I was pregnant I knew something wasn’t quite right and so I visited the Dr’s to investigate.

September – December 2017

So it was quickly established after numerous blood tests, scans and so on I was diagnosed with ‘ovarium cancer’ with a CA125 reading of 857 and ascites (fluid on your stomach), I didn’t want to know what stage it was at as I was going to fight it anyway and so my treatment plan commenced. It had been decided I was to have 3 sessions of chemotherapy, a radical hysterectomy and then a further 3 chemo’s. which included the loss of my hair, I had decided not to bother with the cold cap – after all it was only hair and I knew I had a nice shaped head I could pull this off .

The Hair Journey – My hair

The Curvy Scalp – I’ve got this

Rocking the Bald Look

Rocking the Wigs

Little did I know at that point just how far it had spread. After the initial 3 chemo’s I had another scan and ‘Oh dear’ it was established it had also travelled not only in my womb, my fallopian tubes and ovaries but also to my large bowel and peritoneal (the lining of my stomach) and it was decided to have a fourth chemo before embarking on a much larger operation that was planned. No panic, I still wasn’t feeling ill, I’d had little side effects from the chemo apart from the obvious hair loss, my main fear throughout all of this was the boredom of being at home.

January 2018

So my operation date dawned 25th Jan 2018 and I was admitted into ‘Aintree’ hospital to have my operation. All went according to plan and after spending a few days in intensive care and 3 weeks in hospital I was done. Operation complete and Harold was born. They did forewarn me I would have ‘Harold and so I accepted him straight away, there was never any ‘if or butt’s ‘(No pun intended about it) I look at my wounds as battle scars as they are exactly what they are. One night I was a bit bored and counted staples which if I recollect right was approx. 156 but hey ho whose counting. So here it is the battle Scars pics and the ‘Star of the Show ‘Harold’ and I’ve thrown on ein of ‘Hilda’ as well didnt want her feeling left out

I have fortunately been well right throughout my journey to date, a couple of little wobbles here are there my worst fear was being bored whilst I was undergoing treatment but not once did I ever think to myself I was never going to make it – no wonder people call me the ‘Mad Women’

My Motto is and will always continue to be

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