We’ve survivied

Well what a day, we survivied lunch choosing quite sensiby but had to dip into some ‘onion rings’ (which are usually a BIG NO NO,) along with a ham, cheese and pineapple toastie, pineapple being another NONO, along with a bit of fizz. Well it would be rude not to – thank you to the ‘Hubster’ for the run out.

Then onto the evening shenanigans ‘little sleep’ has been had and more fizz and plenty of laughter Thank you to the Hoylake Crew for such a fab evening.

Dotty and I are now recovering, I was far too energentic last night even for my own liking.

Another Busy Day

Today will be a busy day and possibly exciting – Lunch first with Dotty and Dave (the hubster)

Dotty and Hubster

Excited for what Dotty will choose for lunch – will it be chaos, can I let myself roam free or will she keeps me under wraps choosing carefully.

This is our venue today https://www.wheatsheaf-cowshed.co.uk/ Looks nice from the outside.

Later today we are off to T-Birds for a sleepover and a girlie night – Oooooo that means lots of fizz and gas – noises galore to come. These are the nights that excite me.