A chapter of my life from October 2019

Be strong you never know who you are inspiring

I Harold clearly not content with one women (Like Dotty isn’t enough to handle)’ spied during a chance meeting at Arrowe Park the next chapter in my life or so I thought

The thoughts during that chance meeting with the lovely Mr Nambi on 29th September was all it took. ‘I was hooked’ – hook, line and sinker.
I could instantly feel the attraction between myself and my new love to be Hilda (the Nephrostomy)
The way Mr Nambi and Dotty talked about the inclusion of Hilda, the benefits she would bring to my life

Dotty could sense my bag yearning and burning into her tummy, a seductive burn.
Dotty glanced at me through the corner of her eye  She knew I looked happy and thoughtful at the prospect, and so on 10th October Hilda moved in.

Love blossomed and without much persuasion Hilda and I travelled everywhere together not quite hand in hand but bag with bag (so to speak).We visited many places during the early days.
Hilda even seeking out employment where he worked so she could be with me every day, partying at Turtle Bay, joining in whilst playing Clagg’ long weekends on leisure holidays, our love seemed like it would last forever.

But Dotty viewed it with suspicion, although the feelings made me feel ALIVE, She wasn’t convinced that the sense of physical and emotional intensity was real.
Soon the cracks began to show (Sorry – no pun intended),
And I began to have the feeling of emptiness.

The Christmas hadn’t been fun, I wanted to party but Hilda was unable to participate, she wasn’t being much fun having to wait in day after day for visits from the District Nurses.
And so without much hesitation, I confided one again with my co-conspirators Dotty and Nambi and Hilda was expelled from my life very quickly just as she had joined. Her very existence was just a hole in Dottys back where she once took ‘Pride of Place’ gone forever,
And in her place a single, solitary tube was placed that I couldn’t see or couldn’t hear, Sarah the Stent was born
So with no emotional ‘baggage’ to carry, I carry on. I’ve already accepted what’s done is done and I will begin to look forward to The Next Chapter.
So later today Dotty and I will travel home once again and start to party.

The Moral of this Chapter

And the moral of this chapter is – you never know what life throws at you, be proud of what you are and what you have done, never look back at things being a bad experience see them for exactly what they are – an experience. You will learn from each and every one and life can only be enhanced by then.

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