Dotty here….

Well I have snuck onto Harold’s blog, tried so many different passwords and I hope a few of you get to read this before he does and probably takes it down.I know his password had the word shit in it but trying to guess the rest, hope they don’t get recorded anywhere so here are a few of the ones I tried.

Iknownoshit / Ivegotashittyarse / I’mupsh1tcr44k

And finally yes got it – ‘SH1TSTORM’, but don’t tell him I told you

Kicking up a storm

Anyway I’ll tell you what not impressed to say the least, he never consulted with me at all on having a conversation with Kevin the Kidney, how dare he publish a whole load of crap. Not one of those sentences left my mouth and I would never have said

‘Some People are just beautifully wrapped bags of Shit’ and that’s just who you are., but I suggest you do the ‘manly’ thing and speak to Kevin as ‘Asshole’ to ‘Kidney’

What I would have said was

‘Kevin the Kidney’ is right your a complete Asshole, you treated him in like a right royal pillock and I don’t blame him for putting you straight, why shouldn’t he have a bit fun for once. You’ve had many a fling and ‘Kevin the Kidney’ is right – good on him

And did you know…

Harold does have another little friend , well its more than a friend really it’s his twin sister whom he has failed to ever even mention, , they are not identical well how can they be if hes male (and fall of shit) and she’s female, but I’m going to tell you all a litte bit about her.

Her name is…

Matilda and here she is with ‘Harold’. I took this while he was sleeping – he’ll be fuming

So I’ll tell you a little bit about Matilda, she is very meek and mild and doesn’t really do much (unlike ‘Harold’) she spits a bit every now and again (I know not very ladylike but its part of her charm and condition) and they have been together since birth. I suppose in reality they are conjoined twins joined at the neck.

Anyway I best go Harold is due a feed shortly and will be waking up and don’t want him to catch me on his Blog but I’ll end with this little ditto today

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

And remember family and Friends are Everything….

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