Here We Go Again…Lock-down Part 3

Well I must admit its been a long time since I’ve written to my devoted audience of ‘shit followers’ (no pun intended) but you know we love you all.

It been an incredibly boring 9 months since I last wrote although naughty ‘Christopher the Cancer’ got a little bit flirty and decided to put on a bit of weight (think its all to do with stuffing our faces during lock down if I’m honest) and he’s grown a a bit. So we’ve had another round of scientific shit called ‘Carbo’ which has again done the trick and nothing measurable left at this time so Christopher can ‘DO ONE’ so to speak for the time being.

‘Princess Stephanie of the Stent’ however has had others ideas. Princess indeed trying to get her own way. Tantrums isn’t in it, 10 weeks of it, well Dotty and I have decided enough is enough she can go, she’s lasted longer than most (thought I might inherit her millions (but she made me sign a pre-nup cow)

So Dotty has done her magic, had a HOT CLINIC appointment and only gone and got herself a cancellation on Tuesday for the ‘Supreme Court to EVICT Stephanie. Princess or not , she can’t pull the wool over our eyes. The ‘have sided with Dotty and I and have agreed to an annulment so ‘Stephanie’ is off. We haven’t made millions but we will be content with her gone but because shes been so naughty the upshot is we have plenty of TENA Ladies to sell on the Black Market ££££££££££

  • OUT
  • OUT
  • OUT
  • GONE

Now as you all know shes’s got to be replaced either way, so Dotty and I have has a very serious conversation about who should replace her.

So we think this time we’ll go for Samuel and see if the male species can behave any better than the female species, I’m sure time will tell.

And finally, my lovely next door but one neighbour ‘Kevin the Kidney’ has continued to support Dotty and I through lock-down. Hes been very fruitful providing us with regular trips to various watering holes and whilst Dotty would be more impressed with those being a range of Public House were sad to report it been mainly the local weeing establishments in various joints at local venues including her own her friends at T-Birds Bar and that’s about it.

So that’s it for now , hopefully this blog finds you all well and feel free to like me and Dotty and remember our Motto

‘Always look on the Bright side of Life’

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