Lockdown Continues…

Well its all been a bit quiet to say the least. Sarah and I have been behaving and so theirs nothing much to write about at the moment. Which is a good thing really as it means Dotty is well.

Everything is fine and Dandy

I do know however in these times its hard to be social but Dotty has something planned for the weekend. She’s planning a surprise pub crawl for Dave as a special treat and is ‘Looking for Recommendations and Taxi Prices’

Dotty is planning a pub crawl on Friday night and is looking for taxi prices ££££. They will be leaving at 6.30pm and are starting out at ‘The Living Room Arms’ this pub usually hosts a good sports package, not sure if there will be anything sporty on on Friday but hey ho.

They will then working their way to ‘The Comfy Couch’ which is a little way from the ‘The Living Room Arms’ but is situated north in the ‘Kitchen Area’

They are then going to becoming back on themselves to Cotty’s Bar where no doubt they will probably spend most of there evening as it has a games room including a pool table, darts and they do a mean cocktail in there.

Finally we they will go for their final drink in ‘The Bedroom Bar’. I know that sounds mad but your always a bit peckish on the way home and can pick up something to eat there.

Lets hope its successful and always remembers Dotty catch line ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’

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