Sarah the Stent

If you’ve read my section ‘A Chapter of my Life from October 2019’ you will already know ‘Sarah the Stent’ was born into me on Tuesday 11th February 2020 after the expulsion of ‘Hilda’

So here I am to tell of her birth and story so far.

She’s a quiet curly little tube much shorter and slimmer that ‘Stan the Stent’ who rented a space previously through my ureter but then ladies are usually much more petite than their male counterparts.

‘Sarah the Stent’

She’s renting a space currently, unlike me who was renting for a time but now I’m a fully paid up owner / occupier (Mortgage free) on ‘Dotty’

She hasn’t signed a rental agreement and is just paying on a weekly basis at the moment and you know me sometimes it doesn’t take much for me to decide it’s time to go. I’ve never been very accommodating, but I think as I grow older, I will learn to be, let’s face it none of us are getting any younger

I don’t see or hear much from her and she doesn’t speak much but ‘She can be a bit of a dribbler at times’ and I’m not talking football either’ but we are learning to cope with her. (The Big Knickers help)

 I do know however, she is energetic and loves practising ‘pelvic floor exercises’ to strengthen her muscles at least 2 or 3 times a day. She hasn’t divulged what she’s training for just yet but I’m hoping it might be a marathon. Not the sort of 26-mile marathon but the type of marathon when ‘Dotty’ goes out to have a few drinks she’s able to hold herself.

I’m sure well hear a bit more from her in the future but for now we’ll say ‘Au Revoir’ to her and catch up again soon.

2 thoughts on “Sarah the Stent

  1. Hope Harold and Sarah learn to live in harmony and peace without getting up to any inappropriate behavior and causing trouble!! 🤭


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