Some things you might like to know about me

I am literally full of the shit

My favourite saying is ‘No Shit Sherlock’

‘Big Knickers’ are my best friend

I’m not really noticeable under ‘Dotty’s clothes

No way! You couldn’t even tell!’ becomes your most frequently heard phrase

I’m not a Disability, I’m an asset

One thought on “Some things you might like to know about me

  1. Fantastic attitude – hopefully I’m the same – my motto is “Fukitol” – if you’ve ever seen the Robin Williams Youtube – check it out – What can you do about anything – if the answer is nothing -“Fukitol” laugh and carry on. I’ve had “his lordship” since Friday 13 Sept 1968 and I wouldn’t swap him for the world. Back in those days my bag was an inch short of the hem of my mini-dress – I was 17! Originally diagnosed with U.C. I was told after surgery Crohns. Thankfully no problems since. For “his lordship’s” 50th birthday i had a beautiful cake made iced with white fondant icing and a red rosebud on the top. Took it to my choir practice and everyone was wondering whose birthday they’d forgotten, I said no-one’s- but my stoma was 50 – most of them didn’t know what I was talking about and laughed when I told them! I post the cake on Facebook and was amazed at the people who commented who knew me and had never realised there was anything “wrong” with me. again back in the 60/70’s these things just weren’t mentioned. My how it has flipped – bags on the outside now!

    Your stories are stories.


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