‘No Shit Sherlock’

So a Few weeks ago it’s was my 2nd birthday to be precise, on 25th January 2020.

So being the kind young Stoma I am I thought I’d give ‘Dotty ‘ a surprise and boy what a surprise it was – well I was about hit the ‘Terrible 2’s’. It was Friday 24th January 2020 and Dotty was working in the Office.

So, there she was minding her own business, she had participated in the customary ‘Breakfast Run’ she’d had ‘Bacon on Toast’ on ‘White’ so no alarms bells where ringing at this point. The food was low fibre, and all was good. But little did she know about that new snack she was about to try for her mid-morning snack, yes this was to be my finest hour yet. I started grumbling, the noises getting LOUDER AND LOUDER. What was about to happen was nothing short of a miracle. I continued to grumble UNTIL

YES I’d done it, with the mightiest BANG POP FIZZ I exploded right there in the middle of the Office

FAME at last, everyone in the Office knew what I’d done as ‘Dotty’ squealed ‘SHIT HAROLD’S EXPLODED’. All what I could muster up running down her leg (good job she had trousers on)

Little did I know but apart from the squeal nothing phased Dotty – she bobbed off to the loo, rags in hand and stuffed them down her trousers, closing her PC, and off she went, home to clean up.

Her lovely team cleaning away her lunch dishes, the lovely hubster running her a bath for when arrived home and her new boss who must of thought ‘This woman is BARKING’

An hour later she was logged back on and back into the swing of things. It clearly didn’t upset her as per the following day she went out to celebrate my actual birthday. A few cocktails at Turtle Bay then onto ‘Concert Square for eats and more drinks.

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