Welcome to my world

This is my story on how I arrived on my gorgeous, mad, off her head, owner ‘Dotty Cotty’ ( they are my words not hers)
It wasn’t as much as her choice as the choice to live or ‘pop her clogs’ and in reality it was a ‘no brainer’.
So I was born into this world on 25th January 2018

And for added info ‘Who am I?’

I’m just a poop machine thats is tagging along for the ride

My Motto

2 thoughts on “Welcome to my world

  1. Harold (and dotty) thank you so much for sharing such light hearted posts that still highlight the things you’ve overcome. I’m due to have an ileostomy this month and at age 18 it’s all quite scary. You’ve made me smile, giggle and given me hope- THANK YOU! -Best wishes from Evie Toombes x


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